Parenting on your own. (Just one of those days)

This is one of those days where you take a mighty long deep breath and just have faith in God to grant you patience in this moment. This a picture of my boys in the doctors office at my Doc appt. When I say I am “presently” the only parent, I mean just that. I am the parent that does it all. I presently do not have a co parenting relationship with their father where he picks them up from school and we manage time in alignment with their schedule etc. It is presently non existent. From time to time I do have friends and family take care of them or pick them up from school for me or even have them for a weekend (my abuela). But times like this, it’s challenging. It’s challenging because you have no choice but to SUCK IT UP. And yes there are days where it’s a no brainer because you do this! It’s easy, you were made for this. You know, being Mommy. You are a doer. You cook, clean, wash their clothes, help with homework, nurture them, have family time, teach and guide them, protect them, lecture them, discipline laugh with them, all of it.

These are your children. You wouldn’t just leave them without their needs.

And the other parent, doesn’t have to deal with it, because they chose to. Am I annoyed. I am, presently. In an hour or even tomorrow it will be a reset day. And okay great day. And that’s just how it is.

#singlemom #parenting #raisingboys #singleparent #coparenting #family #raisingchildren


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