I am my most happiest when……

I am the most happiest when I am dedicating to self care. What is your version of self care Jasmine? Well self care is when I am working out, eating healthy, and have a good relationship  with God. Being a mother, having a full time job, taking care of your home, and following your dreams can be a lot on a person. And when my self care takes a back seat because of lack of consistency, I am not my happiest. I’ve seen what doing what makes you happy can do.  I am more intoned with myself and I can deliver a good message that can resonate with a single mother out there. I am more free in though and understanding, and my clarity is sharp. I mean it is like you are unstoppable, and things are aligned. But then you have a hiccup, and you fall, and you have to start all over again. Well that is where I am right now. We all can have our good days, and we all can have our not so good days. But one thing that I have learned, sometimes you have to take it up a notch. Sometimes what may have worked before, does not work again and you have to challenge yourself. I also learned that when things according to your perception aren’t going the way that you would like, can really mean that it really is going right, and that it is a new level of satisfaction that you may have reached. So whatever self care is for you, sit down get a piece of pen and paper and write it down. After you have written it down, make the necessary strides to do it. Do what brings you joy…And everything else will fall into place.

#selfcare #momlife #motherhood #happiest #joy #alignment #singlemom #parenting #workingout #eatinghealthy #love


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