Knowing your purpose (Oprah video)

I found this Oprah inspirational video on youtube several years ago. It was during the time I was working at a deadend job, sitting at a desk making easy money and I felt this pull at my spirit that says, this isn’t what you were here for. I remember it like it was yesterday, this surge of energy driven motivation caused me to start my very first blog. So whenever I feel doubtful or not confidant enough about my journey, my assignment, one of the very things I am so passionate about, I go back to this very video to push me, to remind me to HAVE MY AUNTY O, REMIND OF WHAT IT IS I MUST CONTINUE TO DO. She says ” Life is about growth and change, when you are no longer doing that, that is your whisper, that I am suppose to be doing something else”. I don’t know who this video is for, but I strongly believe that every single one of us has this natural gift, that we can share with the world to inspire one another and push the envelope in this universe to help create a beautiful life. (watch the rest of this video on my blog #oprah #ownnetwork #oprahmasterclass #purpose #inspiration #votd #videooftheday #author #writer #artist #passionate #life #change #growth #wednesdayvibes

I do now own the rights to this video.

Link below :

Inspiring Words From Oprah Winfrey


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