Be GRATEFUL that you can SHOW UP for your child(ren)

I know I know, it has been a minute since I have last blogged. But hear is the deal, I learned that what I share should not be rushed. I also know for a fact, that when I do share my stories, it is always within perfect time, as in alignment with God. So let me begin.

The photo above is one of my favorite photos to date. This was taken yesterday after we sang happy birthday at my youngest one in charges’ school. You know the saying that what you see on social media isn’t always what it seems, well I am here to tell you, transparently and unapologetically that yes, this is FACT! And like us New Yorkers from Brooklyn say, FAX! I can go on and share the negative story in <FULL> detail about this photo, but I will not. Instead I will highlight the positive, emotional, gratitude felt part of this photo. For one, I love my children, I love that God saw fit for me to know that I am responsible enough in heart and walk, for these two little humans you see before you. I am grateful that through my journey of single parenting, God has given me the strength and perserverance to handle the life I chose, the life I accepted. Last week was my youngest birthday, I spoke with their dad and we / he planned and set the date with the teachers for him to celebrate it. Long story short, he did not show up because his pride / life got in the way, in turn standing my children up on Sunday, and also the following Monday to celebrate his birthday. God so had it where I was available to be present and show up for my young one and celebrate anyway, and they did not even know their dad stood them up for this celebration. Some of you may want to know, well how did he stand them up? Well I called several times, I sent text messages and their has been no response based off of the disagreement he and I had the Saturday prior. If you are like me, and most other (Single Mother) or like I like to say now a days, (only parent) to my children we deal with the other party, (father) when he isn’t thrilled with you, he takes it out on the kids by not showing up to get back at you. While I have had my fair share of these bouts. Right now, I choose LOVE, right now I choose PEACE, right now, I choose LIGHT. Despite the disappointment I have towards the other party, I HAVE TO  pray and with nothing but the best for the other party to be in a good space where he can show up for our children. I am grateful that God sees fit to allow me to do so. It is a privileage to share my life with my boys. I shared this with you to say, rather than be upset about them not showing up. BE GRATEFUL THAT YOU DO!!! The more you continue to live in joy of what you are able to do, what isn’t done is no longer a factor and the children will see, feel and KNOW who is there!!

With Love,


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