Prayer & Meditation

The best part of waking up is prayer and meditation with lemon water in my cup. (I was trying to go with the Folgers jingle) did it work? No, ok. Anyway back to why i am Sharing this image. I took this image over a year and a half ago. This was when my boys and i lived in Beaumont, TX. This was the quietest my life has ever been. During that time in my life my circumstances forced me to seek God more than ever before. During this time he became my confidant, my ear to listen to, the time to just release. I spoke to him like I would one of my girlfriends’. Now fast forward to today, prayer and meditation is what helps me get through the day. If I rush in the morning, and don’t stop to give him his time, my mind is out of wack. It’s like I do not have a clear sense of direction, or a sense of peace rather. I originally took that photo because I thought the sunlight was just beautiful, but that position is how I am most mornings. Thanking Him, praising him, and learning to sit in silence in a city where there is always noise. Relationships are not Things developed overnight. Especially the meaningful ones. How do you start your day? What works for you? Don’t be shy, share. We are all in this together. 💕

#peace #mediation #prayer #relationship #God #sunlight #transparency #mom


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