There is no perfect way to parent. None.

Word of advice. Do the best you can raising your little ones. My upbringing was not as perfect as one would think. But the key word is perfect. We had great times as well. One thing is for sure, I remember the struggles I endured with my mother. I also remember her doing her best to feed us and make the most of anything. I remember when she had leg room to get us more than we asked for and she would always say yesShe did her best. I remember the good times and I remember the not so good times. But what stands out the most, and I may not have said it then as I do now because I am now a mother, I appreciate her best. Don’t compare your way of raising your children

with others. Don’t stop being you because of what you feel and think you need to do. Do you best. If you renig on a punishment, it’s ok if you back track, but know that it comes with consequences. If you don’t

make rice and meat with veggies for dinner, but rather a turkey cheese lettuce tomatoes on a roll for dinner, that’s ok too. If you want to stay up late on a school night to bond with your kids over Henry Danger (A nickelodean show by the way) so be it. But dammit, be you! You children will never ever forget what you did for them in your

honesty, and in your truth. You want  honest people in your life, RAISE THEM! You want respectful people in your life RAISE THEM! You want loving people RAISE THEM! The bottom line to all of my truth

right here, is that it’s my truth. There is no perfect way to parent. But when you make a decision that involves your children, know that they see it. Know that they will mimick it. We ARE A PRODUCT OF OUR

ENVIRONMENT. Parent around THAT! #mytruth #honesty #raisingboys

#parenting #transparent #singlemom #motherhood #momofboys #nycliving

#harlem #love #respect #us #howisinglemomit


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