Momming & Kickboxing

When you are woman that wears many hats like myself, (Daughter, mother, sister, friend, provider, blogger, writer, employee) you can overwhelm the crap out of yourself, if you don’t release, if you don’t have an outlet. You are snappy, (at the wrong people), constantly tired, out of breathe (especially being a New Yorker utilizing the MTA), you can’t run after your kids, they stay running faster than you, and you feel sluggish and Unmotivated. This was all me and then some. With all i had going on, i had to make a commitment to my commitment and that was ME. I can’t be the best me if I’m not taking care of my temple. I have a ways to go, but i don’t carry so much weight since then. I’m tracking my progress for the first time ever. It also took me a while to share this because i would start something and stop right after. But this time around, especially since i prepared my MIND first before i did the work, Its a constant, and I’m happy. I push myself even when i don’t want to do it, my energy level is higher, and my mentor says, MIRACLES HAPPEN IN MOVEMENTS. And i did double classes back to back tonight, so I’m totally in expectancy. Oh, and i can see past my belly now. 🙈




I do not own the rights to this song. .


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