Tantrums Outside

Being a mom. Is not always glamorous. I share happy photos , positive thoughts, positive photos, and happy times, because that is the life i want and AM leading. But i / we do have our rough days. I do have my days when my 6 year old throws one of the most annoying tantrums on the planet, it makes me want to lose my shit. But i don’t. Well at least most recently. I have been practicing patience EVERYDAY, not mastered, but practicing. Practicing : the actual application or use of an idea or belief. I have been practicing consistent discipline with my 6 year old in a form of not backing down from him when it comes to thinking he can get away with not doing what he needs to do or getting upset over the tiniest things. These very things are done at home and at school. With that said, I’m standing my ground, I’m putting him on the wall at home. My form of timeout when his knees are bent and hands are out, and I’m making him aware of what it is needs to work on. Being a mother, a single mom, a parent is not easy. And it isn’t made for the weak. Stand your ground. They’ll thank you later. #tantrums #parenting #singlemom #discipline #firm #son #momofboys #singleparent #howisinglemomit


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