Your children can sense your energy

Yesterday while running errands with my boys, we were all in a good mood. My oldest, who reminds me a lot like myself when I was his age CHECKED ME. (Respectfully)So we’re in the store and I noticed the look on his face. I said what’s the matter? He said, I was happy, and now I’m not, I’m mad because your upset. I said no I’m not. How? He said yes you are because you said the “D”(amn) word. I said; I did? (He replayed what I said and I was stuck) He was like Mom I was happy and your energy ruined mine. (My face)😮😐😮😳😳. I felt horrible after that and checked my energy… but the night didn’t end that positive (won’t insert long story)… I said this to say, we have to really be careful with our energy, our mood and how we project it. I was so caught in my own mess that I didn’t realize that it affected my boys like that. I felt horrible, and in speaking to a dear friend of mine this morning, she was like “yea Jasz, energy transfers and omg you are doing such a great job for him to be that young and aware”. I had grounded him for something after that, but she suggested that I give him another chance and I will. (This is why I am in constant correction, and this is why I tell my boys to communicate with me everyday, even if it’s something I won’t like. #energy #communication #emotion #parenting #motherhood #singlemom #vibes #myboy #howisinglemomit


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