What people are saying about my book….

It was slightly challenging, sharing a piece of me with the world. At one point, I wondered if I was saying too much. But I kept going, I kept writing, and it kept flowing. My uncle said, “this must have been therapeutic for you. I said, yes, indeed it was. When you know that your story must be told to help others, it is no longer about you, but how God is using you. Not everyone will be assigned to your voice. Not everyone will be able to separate Jasmine the author, from Jasmine the mother of two. And that is ok. My mission here is to not please nor force, or attempt to convince anyone. It feels good that I am following through with what God put in my heart. He is very strategic in how he moves you, in what he allows, intentionally loving you without you fully knowing and at a capacity to accept. Through your tears, your struggles, your seasons, He knows that you are built for this. — And in turn, reading this message attached sent to me from a very close friend of mine, of whom I will not disclose, made my heart smile. This is just constant confirmation, that I am following the right path, and that I am in alignment with God even with my mistakes, and imperfections, he is using me. And I am honored. #honored #author #publsihedauthor #selfhelpbook #mother #woman #singlemom #life #growth #purpose #singleparenting


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