I use to cry to my boy’s father.

Man those days weren’t so long ago, and they were the most toughest days in my life. Now a days I don’t cry. I don’t cry, because he wasn’t going to change, I had to change. I had to accept his role and who he is. I couldn’t control this individual, but I can control me. When I do get upset, because it’s challenging, and I am human, I allow the emotion to pass through, I suck it up and do what I must anyway. I asked myself the right questions and followed them with solutions. Life got better when he knew I didn’t need him. The best way to look at these times, is that you KNOW who is present, and who is raising your children. You know you are giving you’re all, and you know that what you do today, is what will help mold your children into the better version of yourself. And that’s STRENGTH. #singlemom #raisingboys #momofboys #motherhood #overcome #life #strength #power #vision#howisinglemomit


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