Helpful Tip – 7 Things Singles Ought to Know By: Bishop TD JAKES

This morning, I woke up wanting to change the way I think. After I say my usual “Thank you God”, I read a  couple of scriptures and go into prayer. I then go into my routine of preparing to get myself and kids ready. Then the usual thoughts creep in. I think about when I will get into a relationship, amongst other things. I know it sounds a bit lame, but it is true. Not so much so like in desperation, No, not at all. More so like a curiosity, and knowing that things will change soon. Well today I decided to not do that. And the reason why is, after I left work yesterday, I took the train to head to Brooklyn to my Abuela’s house. Instead of transferring to another train, I got off at the Brooklyn Bridge stop on the 4 train. I ended up walking the Brooklyn bridge photo below.

I went to clear my mind. My thoughts literally took me there. I got some clarity on some things. And the main thing that stood out was, “what you think about the most, expands”. Whether it be good or not so good, it expands, so I took a mental note to be extra careful with what I think about it. In the interim of changing my thoughts as I was so aware of doing so this morning, I thought to listen to a video a friend of mine sent me months ago made by (Bishp[ TD Jakes). It is called, “7 Things Singles Ought to know.” As I was listening, I realized that this is what I had listened to the beginning of the summer. This video is what helped me to work on loving me, taking myself out and learning to live a whole life as a single person among other amazing pointers.  It’s funny how we can quickly forget the tools we already have, but it is also a blessing to know that you can always go back to the drawing board. 

I have attached the link here below, check it out and I hope it blesses you like it did me. #singles #dating #lovethyself

#loveyourself #growth #youtube #singlemom #love #Godstiming #engagement #marriage


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