Bribing my kids Father….

I know you’re probably reading the title to this and wondering to yourself, what, Bribing? You had to bribe their father? And if you are still reading, yes it is true, and that is what I felt I had to do at one point. His absence was so overwhelming, I started blaming myself for him not being there. I cried and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I remember sending text messages, calling, asking HIM what do I need to do, or rather I will lower child support for you to be around. Or, what is your schedule, what works for you so that you can see them more. My boys need their father. Reading this as I type it, it is a bit saddening, pathetic, but this is my truth. I was willing to do what I thought was necessary for my kids father to be in their life. That obviously did not work, and we are now in the 5th year since breaking up / separating, and he is now wanting to see them every other weekend. This started because I just about given up on trying two and half years ago, and let my presence be known to them.


I said all of this to say, what you think about expands, be it negative or positive. Instead of being mad at the person, I changed my view on how I worked with him. I put my foot down more, I thank God for what I am able to do, rather than me complaining about what he isn’t doing. Not saying that I am happy go lucky about the situation, but it is better than how it was before. Stay Encouraged, this journey is a bit bumpy, but it does get better, it has its GLORIOUS DAYS AND ITS I LOVE EVERYTHING SBOUT MY LIFE DAYS! #singlemom #singleparent #parenting #bribing #encouragement #momblogger #nycblogger #mytruth


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