Keep Ya head Up.

Just because we don’t look like what we been through, or go through does not mean we are not human and we automatically get over it. I literally have to push myself on a daily to overcome all. Being the only parent, while attempting to maintain everything else in my life at a steady balance can be very difficult at times. It often angers me that their father does not have to go through half of the things that I endure daily because I chose to walk away from something that was not healthy for me or my children.

No matter what you are presently enduring, I encourage you to look at your track record, look at the things you can be grateful for, smile at them. Envision where you want to be, and cry it out as well. I pride myself in living a positive lifestyle, but not everyday is a sunny one. Today is a bit gloomy, it sucks, but its just today. Tomorrow I will be better. Push through mom, you are not a lone and you can get through this! #singlemom #howisinglemomit #momblogger #struggles #pain #parenting #singleparenting #momofboys


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