Book Release September 17′

It hasn't fully HIT me yet. You know this milestone in my life. The very thing I didn't think I would be able to attain. Because my belief in me wasn't as strong as it should be. But what I will say, is that I am blessed to have God. He placed people in my life that at times saw what I didn't see, and challenged me, anyway. Until one day I had enough, I was tired of being sick and tired of the same thing year after year and I had to change the story. I had to make a choice. A story I had to make for myself and my children, and the legacy left behind after me. This life that we have, we have to make the most of it, the best way we know how, authentically and unapologetically. Some people will love what you do, some won't. But the important thing in all of this, is that you have to be yourself, and live your TRUTH. NO MATTER WHAT!! WITH THAT SAID. Book coming out September 2017. Walk with me, on my journey of my truth. #bookcomingsoon #singleparent #parenting #struggles #faith #tenacity #amazon #linkinbio #publishedauthor #momblogger #jasmineashbymoreno #howisinglemomit


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