My Mother –

So there is this woman. Her name is Patricia. She gave birth two a beautiful vibrant girl 35 years ago. Through the years there were understanding challenges between mother and daughter. As you know not all families are perfect. When I look at this photo, and hear stories of the different states I lived in with my mom, The bigger picture in it all, is that she wanted to give me a better life. And when my siblings came, she wanted to do that even more. Things didn't pan out the way she wanted them to. What she may not have been aware of, is that today, my mother, Patricia Moreno, Born in Buenventura, Colombia planted a seed called "Survival" in my little young mind. What she didn't know, is that as hard as it was, she made the worse days the best days, the best way she knew how. She carved that survival in me, a tool I didn't know I would have to use, when I became a single mother. This woman, is more than a #wcw, she is my mother, who I love very much. It's crazy, how at my age, I still know what my mother smells like. I love you Patty #mother #love #daughter #peace #happiness #growth #bookcomingsoon #singlemom


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