Dear Single Mom:

(CAUTION LONG POST)Dear Single Mom, you will cry your eyes out, you will question every decision you've made and blame yourself and other parties for all. You will have sleepless nights, you will question if things will ever change, you will question God. The word 'tired' will be in every sentence from the Time you wake up. You will be so consumed with heartache, and negativity, that No one will want to be around you. You will have created this bubble , this box, it will be so bad, you will think and believe that everytime it rains it pours and trials after trials will happen, becauSe you will believe that nothing good will happen for you.⭐️But then things will change. Your thoughts⭐️ will change, your actions will follow suit. You will begin to heal💖, you will begin to forgive🔥, you will beginto be so filled up with more of God and less of yourself, because, well you decided to MAKE THAT DECISION. The decision to LIVE again, the decision to not fail your children. The decision to FAIL Yourself. Then photos you share will no longer be false images. Your stride will be your truth, you will be so honest with yourself and others… You are not on the road to perfection, you will be on the road of LIFE. And your images will begin to change and all you will see is the happiness in your boys lives as you begin to RISE AGAIN. YOU LIVE AGAIN, And I say this to you. DON'T, EVER, GIVE, UP. YOU HEAR ME!!!!! Don't… #dearsinglemom #singlemom #onlyparent #raisingboys #momofboys #momlife #howisinglemomit #motherhood #healing


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