10 Ways to have a ‘Self Day’ (short tutorial)

Today is a great day, it is the day the lord has made. This is the day he allows things to happen, to shake you up a bit, to get you back on track. And while I can't respectfully stand it sometimes, I know that my father knows best. God knows what we need when we need it. I am human, I'm not perfect, and there are things that he is changing within me. Things that are coming to light. At times we can be so stubborn to the truth of who we are and who we have been for so long, but today, I surrender and allow God to do his work. With that said one of my closest friends shared with me the other day that years ago before life changed, she use to take 'Self Days'. In that time we didn't have smart phones, social media etc. She would turn off her mobile phone and just have some self days. Just her, and she would respond to her family and friends when she came up front it. Those that knew her knows she was having a self day, those new, were looking for her frantically. I believe some times we have to have those times. I can't do a week, I have children. But a self day, now that I Can do, and that is what I am doing today. I'm just going to be into me today. I'm going to reflect on these past couple of weeks events, ask God to show me where I went wrong, what I can do better, and just do better moving forward. So with that said, if ever you feel overwhelmed, you need some time alone. You're mind can't seem to get itself together, and your overly stressed, that means it is time that you do have alone time. And perhaps you can spend it like this. Not exactly like it, but this is a short detailed tutorial on how I will do it. It takes some getting use to, grab what you like and make it into your own. We all have to get uncomfortable by stepping out of the box. And life changes for the better when we do.

*10 Ways How*

•Plan your day ahead for the first half
•FreeBall it the second half (wing it) let your feet lead you
•Get playlist if you're a music junkie
Plan your eatings around your schedule
•Get a mani pedi
•Monthly womanly maintenance 😉
•Go check that movie out in theatres that you never got a chance to do because it's not a movie for kids
•Have drink a drink at a bar
•Meet a stranger (or chat up with the bartender
•Take a nice Stroll around the city

And just bask in your self day!

Enjoy loves💋

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