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Guys what you are getting ready to read is by far so heartwarming in my eyes. I love how God works, and what he is doing with the amazing people I am meeting and the things that they are doing to help impact others’ lives. With that said, I had the pleasure of asking one of my very first followers of HowiSingleMomit some questions on her single parenting journey. A year ago when I first started my IG and blog, this phenomenal beautiful, kind hearted, hardworking, consistent, persistent lovable grounded woman was one of my first followers when I came onto the scene. She has seen my transition from TX back to NY. She has added a great deal to my life with her #singlemomsspeak group, her encouragement and how she shares a piece of her world with her daughter on IG. Through these questions, you will see why she is unique in her own way, and can sincerely feel, that she does everything with her heart and great intentions behind it. Head on over to (link in bio) it would be an honor for you to read what this astonishing well-grounded woman has to say!

 What made you start your blog /social media pages?
When I had my daughter I looked online for a community I could share my fears, joys, concerns and desires with. I couldn't find a single parent community to meet my needs. All I found was bitterness and anger. That wasn't my truth. I then decided I needed to create the community I needed.  It started with a Facebook group called SuperMoms Unite. It still exists but didn't fill what I was missing. I turned to Instagram and started the account SuperParentsUnite. I would share parenting quotes, hacks, etc. Somewhere along the line I started sharing myself and my daughter on that page. I started connecting with people and realized I needed to let them see me. JustaBXmom was born. Once my captions continued getting longer I moved to a WordPress blog and later to my own domain. I want single and married parents to see that single moms (only moms, independent moms – whatever label fits you) are no different than any other mom. We all have super mom days as well as super fail days. We can have just as much fun as every other mom. Sometimes it just takes a little more planning and budgeting on our side. I want single moms to know its okay to struggle and its okay to shine.

Do you feel you have found your purpose (I know we have more than one) if so what is it and how will it serve others?
I have. I know that God has directed me to where I stand today. Only He knows the plan He has for me but I see signs all around that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. I've always been the type to help others figure their needs out even when I couldn't define my own. Now I do my best to support all parents in their parenting journey by #transparentparenting I'm not afraid of my mom fails. I'm not afraid to admit I don't always have it together because the reality is none of us do. There are too many people pretending their world is perfect on social media. I can't add to the phoniness. And if I can make one parent feel less alone in their highs or lows than that is a victory for me. I'm also in love with my #singlemomsspeak baby. Knowing that I help to bring together some amazing women to build a maternal community of strength and power is such a blessing. I can't wait to see it grow!
 What is one thing that you do to unwind?
Unwind? What's that??? Seriously though, I snuggle with my baby girl. No matter how stressed or anxious I feel just holding her in my arms grounds me and reminds me that above all else my true purpose on this earth is to be her mommy and guide her to become the woman she is meant to be.
I'm also learning to take some time at least once a month to see friends for some mommy me time.

Name two fun activities that you do with your daughter that you feel can benefit other mothers.
We sing and dance about everything. And let me explain that this is HUGE because I can neither sing nor dance! Yet for her I can and will move mountains. One of our favorite things to do when we get into an elevator is to sing "our elevator" while dancing around until doors open then pretend we were just standing there.
Other than that we take thousands of selfies, read books, and have snuggle time and so much more.
I think it's important for our children to see us move out of our comfort zones so they don't fear leaving theirs. And I think when we are spending time with our children it's really important to be present (that's a reminder for myself daily)

Where do you see yourself in 6 months?
Celebrating JustaBXgirl's 5th birthday in Florida and celebrating #SingleMomsSpeak turning 1. By God's grace my blog will continue to be growing and I might have started giving some webinars.

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Melissa Velazquez
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat: @justabxmom
~ Life through the eyes of JustaBXgirl & me ~


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