Their Uncle ๐Ÿ’–

So I have this brother, his name is Jonathan aka Noni to us, and the day I was in labor to give birth to my first born, he had the queeezy’s. Anyone know what that is? It’s the sit on the chair and rock back and forth while holding your tummy because your tummy is on the disconnection fritz. It’s that feeling you get when your on roller coaster and it’s climbing up with that suspenseful clacking noise right before the steep dip. Yea that one. Well my youngest, drew this a few weeks back. And I asked him, “hey June, who is the forth person?” He said, that’s uncle Noni. When we get a big house I want uncle Noni to be there. I smiled at this photo, because while my brother has his own life going on and stuff, when he is around. He’s present. He’s teaching them things even when I’m not looking. He has a relationship with them. With that said, I wanted to share this positive grateful post, on what my brother means to his nephews. #uncle #nephews #family #village #grateful #love #raisingboys #malefigure #singlemom #wednesday


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