Family Court – Child Support

I didn’t want to talk about this topic, but I feel deep within my spirit that this is something that I have to share with other mothers like myself. Just as I share with you my good stuff, and sometimes rough and or candid stuff, I felt lead to be extra transparent today. Family Court, well in a nutshell, that shit is tough. Who wants to go there? I know I didn’t. I’ll start with child support first, and then the other “stuff” at a later date.
Now before I go in with this stuff, do know, that it took me a ways to get here. Here, is a place of peace, knowledge, understanding and surrender. Child Support is something that I did not feel I needed to go to court for. I honestly wanted it to be like this. We don’t speak but I did not make our kids alone, so you need to contribute towards their expenses monthly. Here is the number, lets agree on it, and you deposit it on such and such date.

At first, it was like that. It went on like that for three months. And then it stopped. I took the individual to court and he begged me to take him off. I did because I still had hope. Not hope that we would get back together, hope that he actually wanted to co-parent and do his part. That hope thing will really fail you, if you don’t know better. And then, I didn’t fully know better. 6 years later, and I am still In court back and forth to get a set number. This person has worked off the books to not pay. I went an entire year without receiving anything. Lies were told in court and things went in his favor. I cried and asked God why. But now, now I stopped even looking for that money. When it comes it comes. It’s just extra money in my pocket. Arrears are owed, I mean arrears in the thousands, I work, I do what I am suppose to do to take care of mine. I am sharing this all to say, when you are going through a struggle such as this, the only person you can depend on is you. Yes God handles all for me. He builds my faith in order to know that I know he has me covered. But as far as fighting for what I know what my children deserve, well that will happen regardless. Why, because I am doing it and I am not waiting or checking my account for the money the state garnishes from his check to send to me.

I depend on me. So if you are going through a similar situation as I shared above, know this, the only stress you will add onto yourself, is expecting someone that won’t willingly do for your children to do there part. A friend shared with me recently and said, If you go looking for it, it will take longer to come. Do your part and know that it will come when it is suppose to…

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