Assertive Momma

So today while running errands with these two, I stopped by the cleaners to pick up little ones clothes. I made him carry it. For the measly block and a half that we walked home he complained the entire way. “Mom it’s too heavy, mom you carry it”. I said no, those are your clothes you carry it. He is use to me always doing everything. Friends even told me Jasz, they are getting old enough to do some things. And this right here parents are one of them. I even told them when we go grocery shopping they have to help me with some of the “light bags”. I shared this to say, to my mommas, stop making things harder for yourself when you have healthy kids that are very well capable of doing their part. I’m not saying make them do laundry and wash dishes at 7 years old. I’m saying be assertive in implementing chores. Teach them independence as well as letting them know, they have no maid around these parts! #parentlife #parenting #independence #teaching #singlemother #howisinglemomit #chores 


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