Why do we put our needs last?

Dear mom, if you are reading this, the title of this blog post caught your attention. The more I grow into motherhood, because it is never ending growth, the more You realize things about yourself. Being the only parent as I so repeatedly have shared with you on several occasions, has it’s breaking points. This weekend, thank God , my grandmother offered to watch the kids as I worked on my business. During that time I took the opportunity to also have some me time. During this time I went out with one of my girlfriends to play some pool and have a few drinks. That was Friday. Saturday came, i worked on my business and right after that I went home to get some rest. Or at least tried to. I remembered that I had errands to run, so rest was out of the question. I planned to sleep for four hours, but that ended up being 45 min after errands were completed. I went out with a “friend”, and after that I met with my girlfriends at a lounge in my local area. It felt good to do adult things. I am not taking away from the things I as a mother do, but even doing for me, the time to take care of me keeps getting pushed back. 🙄-Hence 4 hours of sleep down to 45 min.- As my me time began to come to a close. I found myself getting agitated. I pray and ask God for things , especially clarity, and here comes the big REAL. Here is what I wrote in text to one of my closest friends regarding me this afternoon.
-My role as a mother, It’s being pulled in many directions. In turn I push my needs to the back burner. When that happens, my body yearns for more but because I give myself the scrap at the end of the barrel I get annoyed aggravated. 
That came from me attempting to figure out where my emotions were coming from. 
The bottom line was, I rushed everything, j didn’t plan anything, I didn’t pay attention to my needs. This evening before going to bed, no matter what I do. I MUST CREATE MY TO DO LIST FOR THE NEXT DAY. I will put it on my wall and also carry it with me to cross things out. In turn making sure I take care of me just as much as do everything else. Let’s stop that mommies. Yes having adult time and spending time with your girlfriends and dating is a must. But what does your soul need. What does your body need? Whatever it is. Go do that. 

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