I’m not a perfect Mom 

This morning I snoozed my alarm. I was suppose to wake up at 5:30am, but my body ached from my previous daily activities and I have slight jet lag from my birthday trip to Greece. (7 hours ahead). I ended up waking up at 6:15am. 45 min past my time set. The rest was well needed, but my time, miscalculated. I told myself and God during prayer, that I would leave the house by 7:00am. I proceeded to get ready. Thank God our clothes were out and their lunch was made the night before. So I shouldn’t have a problem right? Wrong. My youngest hadn’t eaten his cereal and now I had 15min left. I woke them up with love, but instead was frustrated at his lack of enthusiasm to get things done. I yelled at him for not eating his cereal. But I really yelling at myself. He finally ate the cereal, but now didn’t want to get dressed. As I rushed to put on my makeup, I turned around and he just stood there holding his shoe. I got frustrated again. But stopped myself to realize that it was all of my fault. Here I was upset that my little one didn’t want to move, but the reality is. I didn’t get up in time. You may be reading this and saying well your tired from doing this single mom thing, it’s ok. Yes It does, but it’s not his fault. I’m sharing this with you because we often times get upset at others for something we should be mad at within ourselves. I’m not perfect. I don’t perceive myself to. I get tired sometimes and I need my me time. This week was just and off week. And that’s ok. We have that sometimes. As we were leaving the house at 7:30am, I ordered an uber to drop the boys off to school. In the car youngest sat next to me. I held my hand. In that moment for me, it was the unspoken apology. Then I reached over and grabbed my eldest hand. And we rode like this to school. I thanked God. I started my day with love and we proceeded with it. It’s ok, we all aren’t perfect. #notperfect #momlife #singlemotherhood #mornings #love #howisinglemomit


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