Growth & Me

This photo was taken a year ago while I lived in Beaumont Tx. Sitting back reflecting on how I made the choice to do something then, and God had other plans is always amazing to me. Looking back on things I wrote back then, and how different things are today, I notice how badly that time in my life HAD to happen. 

Today, I strive on being a better version of who I was yesterday. There are times I silence myself to do more. Because let’s face it, we all have that time where we just TALK SO MUCH, and DO SO LITTLE. 

Especially when you realize that you are in the second quarter of the year already. I notice how the older I get, the more I DON’T TOLERATE. I don’t tolerate people, things or situations. I am known to be the most understanding, but even THAT gets played out. People will treat you how you allow them to treat you. Life is about GROWTH! And if you aren’t growing , you will simply stay the same. #change #growth #insight #evolve #inspiration


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