Stay Focused 

This past week / Holy Week, God has been doing so many things in me. Things I didn’t think would be happening , because deep down I have this made up notion in my head, that some things have to happen in Perfection. this morning, I woke up late, I had a bad headeache, my body hurt, I didn’t get to clean the home like I wanted to this weekend. my body needed rest. I became overwhelmed by looking at the mess. the kids were arguing and complaining all morning, I battled with going to church and not going to church. but I said God, I’m going to push through this morning. It’s #resurrectionsunday and I MUST go. And I did So many beautiful things happened today, that followed up with what transpired this week. I give all Glory To God. Today’s message in our sermon was to #stayfocused and that’s exactly what I will do. Thank you Jesus #wonthedoit #Jesus #heisrisen #sunday #sermon #howisinglemomit #motherhood #singlemom


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