Who said?? 

Who said you had to be in a certain place in your life at this age? Who made it so, where does it say? A minister was telling me this back un TEXAS almost a year ago (I appreciate that talk) when I had a break down of the “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOINGS?” We all have that moment. We question are motives in our own lives. We have this pity party. We go in on ourselves belittling the accomplishments we have done thus far because, well believe it or not, we compare. We compare our success to others because we are in the same age group. We also compare because society says. Well I am here to tell you, to give you a reminder that hey, you are where you are suppose to be in this present moment. If you knew what you are suppose to know for the future you, you wouldn’t be here you would be there. (Hope that caught someone)
If you feel that there is something you want to do, but aren’t making the necessary action steps to what you want, then yes, question yourself. But you cannot speed the process. You have to walk through it, at your pace and on your journey. No one else’s! #journey #process #Godstiming #godsplan #howisinglemomit #Godsaid


One thought on “Who said?? 

  1. Very. Green says:

    Well said. Too many times we try to be in a shoe that is not ours but 1 thing I’ve learned is sometimes God doesn’t feel we are ready for what we think we want or should be. Each person journey is different with different obstacles but it’s the obstacles that makes us stronger and get prepared for who we are destined to be.

    Keep sharing. Many do need this. Remain blessed.


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