Time Managment isn’t So Managed

Monday’s are one of my top favorite days of the week. This Monday I woke up at 5am (attempting to implement new schedule) I cleaned cooked, put everyone’s food away and even took kids clothes out for their shower. (Ready and prepared for them when under the care of my friend / sitter) (Something just hit me about temporary as I was riding this – I’ll Go back to it) anyway, this is what I made for dinner. I also took some to work. I was proud of myself, proud that I was kicking time managements butt. And then Tuesday came. (HA HA HA) I woke up at 6:30(THATS WAY OFF) why did I HAVVVE to watch two episodes of “This is Us” , but then again I wanted to cry. I wanted to let some things out. That’s neither here nor there, well sort of but not really. Time management isn’t always Managed. #timemanagment #time #mom #onlyparent #cook #healthyeating #rest #momlife #howisinglemomit


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