I am MOM!!!



I’ am not taking the way the power of God from this text. What I am saying is, and this is to all of the mothers I know. We, at the drop of a dime will do any and everything for our children. If we can take away their fever we would. If we could take away the pain they feel from a fall, a mistreat of a friend or even sibling we would. I speak for myself when I say, being the only parent to my babies! I RIDE FOR THEM! No if’s and’s or buts about it!! I don’t make excuses, nor do I fall short in what I do with and for them. I don’t let anyone disrespect them, talk down to them or even show them inconsistency. They are worth all the greatness I can encounter and give them in this world.

As a human being, I have at times question my ability, but that’s because I paused to think about it. But then God gives me grace. He allows me to have flashbacks of how things use to be of which are no more. When I look back. The tears I shed I powered by strength and the pain endured is motivation. When I look back on some thangs , I mean WHEN I LOOK BACK ON SOME THANGS , the pain subsides, The lioness comes out!! And nothing seems to be impossible. #hearmeroar #transformationtuesday #mom #iam #lioness 


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