My Village

As the only parent raising my boys all things required of me. I am Not complaining, just relating. This week they are on winter break. During this time I have to make sure I have someone reliable to watch the kiddies. I have an amazing village behind me with the raising of my boys. I have their God Aunt, my abuela, brother, and my cousin that do what they can. Years ago, I use to cry about it. I use to say “it isn’t fair, why does he get to live life the way he wants and I have to (struggle).” Of course as I got stronger, wiser and accepting of the life I chose, things began to become a lot easier to manage. >This is a quick vid of me waiting to take the train from one borough to the other. Thank God I have the privilege to leave my boys with my grandmother for a few days to care for them while I do what I must to provide for my family. Tired and all, No matter what, things must get done, by any means necessary. #parenting #mom #provider #endurance #howisinglemomit​​


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