Popcorn fein 

Let me tell y’all a little story about My little one. So, I have this LOVE , this weird LOVE for popcorn. And well my kids had a snack sale at their school on Wednesday. I gave them each some money to purchase something. My little one comes home with the popcorn. And I’m like 😀yes, popcorn. I just got home from work, I hadn’t eaten yet, so I was famished, like for real. 😭I ask him for some, I genuinely asked him. And he said NO. He said it the same way I say it. (Rolls eyes hard) What! No popcorn. Boy you better give me some popcorn. My money bought it. Nope. In comes my older one defending his brother and says, “no mom, that was given to him in his class he didn’t pay for it, his teacher has their own popcorn machine” lmao, ever get stuck when your child checks you?Welp I didn’t stop (I can be annoying) come on, please let mommy have some stop being like that. I finally get a handful and fed my crave for it….later they went to bed and I had some more. Apparently He was not happy with me eating it. He saw that the back looked less than before. So he “hid it in the freezer” , in tears🤣🤣😭 #momlife #wheredotheygetthisfrom #amithatbad #ohjesus #humor #momhumor 


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