How I won last nights bedtime wars!

Parents be ahead of your kids. If you know they will do the same thing to you every night like clockwork, in regards to giving you a hard time with bedtime, Be one step ahead of them. >>Every night my boys do the same exact thing to me for as long as I can remember. There are days I practice what I preach and there are days that I don’t because I’m not thinking lol. (I’m working on that) Attempt to not get upset, don’t yell, don’t spank them, as matter of fact, SAY NOTHING. Your children know what buttons to push. ..



I ignored my kids last night, before telling my oldest he could not get his usual Friday luxury of playing with his Nabi (kid tablet) after school because of a prior issue, I went in the room and gave them a look. (You know that look, the look that says it all.) I then went to living room to finish what I was doing and hadn’t notice that they fell asleep minutes later. “Try it, you’ll like it.” .

How do you win bedtime wars?



Yo gabba theme song) #bedtimewars #monlife101 #footdown #silence #momsbelike




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