Stop Comparing yourself!

You were born differentYou speak different

You walk different

Be different

You gave birth differently

You mother differently

You parent differently

You’re made differently

You breath different

You love different

You want different

You teach different

You are different…..And be in Love with that.


I know and understand that comparison can take your mind places. I urge you to take this moment and just be grateful for you. If there are things that you want in life, start to take the necessary steps in getting them. From losing weight, from purchasing your home, or even saving. Whatever it is, make it happen. Don’t compare, don’t water down who you are because who others are… you truly do not know their testimony. And if you think you do, you truly don’t…people just deal with it differently- by LIVING. #different #livelifelove #appreciate #life #howisinglemomit 


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