How to calm the hyper Kid!

Lately I have been extra self conscious of where my emotions come from. It can be from agitation, anger, annoyance and happiness. I pay attention to what the triggers are followed by a solution to changing them, or doing them consistently (happiness). Recently, I’ve been telling myself to be more mindful on how I handle / discipline my boys. If I find it that they are too tired, to active, or even seeking extra attention, there is something I am not doing. Now here is what brought about me sharing this technique today.
This past week has been a very busy long week. A long week with work, and managing time at home along with other important things to handle. I over worked myself so much, that it caused me to catch a cold. Now Not too long ago, Christmas to be exact, I spend the week in and out of bed. If I am not taking care of my needs, the needs of my boys aren’t met either. And we all know how that could end. Anyway, I live in The Big Apple. It’s cold during this season (Winter). I can’t take the kids to play outside. Since I cannot do so, I make up for it in other areas. For example, I allow them to play with their nabi and / wii on the weekends. During the hours I am at work. I sometimes allow them to play with the nabi for an hour or so. Just so that they do not give the babysitter more than she can handle. Now I am not your conventional mom, but I do have to create some boundaries in accordance with discipline for their life lessons. I have to keep in mind that they are children and they need an outlet. Here is why. 

* I am the only parent that is available for them. 

* They are in school for 8 hours a day

* They have homework every night 

* They can’t play outside during the winter (depends on how cold it is)

  • They have tons of energy that            

       Needs to be released.
As I made time for myself this Sunday to rest and binge on Flash and the Arrow on #netflix. I heard a commotion along with laughter coming from the living room. I heard jumping, I heard chair being moved, I heard pure NOISE. And for us moms you know it can go on for one minute until someone gets hurt. Before I can feel it happening, (because you know we can feel it). I got up from my room I sat down and had them do the following exercises. 
    • Stretch

    • Jumping Jacks 

    • Run in place 

    • finished with Simon says
Now you choose for how long you want to do each exercise. You know your child, so you know how much they are willing to do. My youngest, who is usually the starter over all, said mom I’m tired. (Mission accomplished 💆🏾It went from someone about to hurt themselves to quiet home….(Repeat if necessary) 
Remember parents, all they need is for you to pay attention to all signs. Work with what you have… #singlemom #momlife #exercise #kids #parenting #howisinglemomit #nabitablet #wii #mariogocart 

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