Transparent moment….

Mood: This is my daily mood when my alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. I get up, I thank God, and I move. I do not only move myself, but I encourage my little ones into our daily routine. Some can do it, some can’t. I’ve come a long way from complaining about DOING “this” alone. Some folks that “know” me or think they “know” me see me with one lens, why “others” see me with another. Regardless of how anyone sees me, what’s important is how God, myself, and how my boys see me. My oldest, has recently expressed to me how much I work hard, and that I should sit down. I kindly told him thank you baby, but if mommy sits, nothing gets done. This present season that I am in, as I shared with my abuela, is the season of ORDER. Order, in all areas. Speaking with someone earlier, I brought up “stability”. She said, when you eliminate the things that you want and focus on what is left, do you consider yourself stable? My answer was yes, and of course with a detailed explanation. I encourage you all, mothers, single mothers, fathers, single fathers, foster parents, single foster parents – to be aware of how you view you. Give what you can give, Take what you can take, and let go of the things that do not matter. This role, this AH-MAZING role we were placed in, to some, is viewed as a miracle. We must continue to treat it as such and not as a job. Everyday, believe it or not, WE, yes WE, we are contributing to the world, and to the future. How is that, it’s what we feed our children daily. I don’t speak of food, I speak of the knowledge . so ask yourself, how , do you view you? #singlemom #momlife #parenting #transparent #howisinglemomit 


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