A party? Sure ,I’ll go!

One of my goals for 2017, was do more social things. I said to myself, I won’t meet people if I stay in the house. And Going out and having a good time with your girlfriends does not mean your a bad mother. (Those were my thoughts. And before I went out, I made sure I took my boys out as well. So we had a day at the museum, and boy did they have a blast. They didn’t even want to leave. — now, Going out for me last night was needed. Right down to the last hour I almost changed my mind. 🙄A little fear gripped me. I Started to almost talk myself out of it. I shared it with my girlfriends and their response wasn’t as dramatic as my thoughts / overthinking. Perhaps I needed a little push. We weren’t going to a club, in fact it was a mutual friends birthday party at a lounge. When I first got there I was alone. I stood by the bar and once the good music kicked it, so did my shoulders. 🤣As I’m writing this I’m laughing. Once upon a time, going out was the norm for me. It was an every weekend thing. I had more party clothes than work clothes.(oh my 20’s) Once upon a time this was my life. But I’m wiser now, and I have two little humans to look after. Taking a timeout for yourself here and there isn’t so bad. I’m not saying go to a lounge, this is what I did. What I am saying is, have fun with some adults. Go out for great conversation, have dinner with yourself if you want to. Date you. Don’t restrict yourself of certain things because you have kids. That’s an excuse. Especially if your crying about how you need you time. Do whatever you time is… live a well balanced life. #myopinion #insight #fun #nycnightlife #singlemom #momlife #howisinglemomit


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