I know some of you may question the season that you are in. I know I did at one point. I also know that because I did not allow things to flow and wait, it was hard for me on certain roads. I also know that I appreciate the journey that I am in because it is molding me. Molding me to be stronger, molding me to be vigilant, and aware of my surroundings. When I say my surroundings I mean people, I mean things that take place, I mean my reactions and others reactions. When I say surroundings I mean learning to pick and choose battles. Aware in the sense to quickly access the situation and to see if you react or don’t react, what will be the outcome? Appreciate your season, appreciate the tears, quickly take note of what is happening to see if your actions are what is inflicting pain, drama or any form of negativity. If not, then someone else is doing it and you have to remove them, or remove yourself. If you do not, it will be harder for you. I understand the saying “if I had known then what I know now, things would be different”. I get it. But, it’s also apart of growth. So from me to you, if you know that you know the ‘WHAT IS’, don’t stay in it. The cost, is an extended amount of pain, and those close to you also feel as well. #seasons #awareness #selflove #wisdom #pain #singlemom #momlife #growingpains


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