You are not a product of your environment!

If you are making excuses, stop it. Stop it right now. Everything is a choice. We choose to be a product of our environment. If I told you how I was raised you would see where I am coming from. But I’ll do you one better, I will share a little something. .


Now I am not saying it was bad. What I am saying is that for some, we would say, well this is all he/she knew. Or, she/he wasn’t raised this way, why is he living or being this way. With this topic, it can go both ways. Again, it’s a choice and this is only my opinion. .


Here is my perspective, as is most of my content on here. I didn’t grow up where my parents went to my school to see if I was behaving or attended PTA meetings. This was not done because well, to my knowledge that was not done for them. But I got backlash for low grades, and incomplete work. Once I became a mother, and school happened, I became more aware. I said to myself, I will do things differently than the way I was raised. While I thank my parents for doing the best that they could, I am also aware that I want more for my kids, and in order for that to happen, I have to put in that WORK. Even if I am doing it as a single parent for the time being.. I have to sit with them and do homework, I have to attend PTA meetings. I opened up a line of communication with all of their teachers, and developed a relationship with those that work with my boys on a daily basis. I did this to not only be consistent, but be involved, to be in the know…..I am far from perfect, but I am doing the opposite of what my environment was. And in order to be better, I have to do better.


—with that said, 

If you aren’t happy with their grades/ behavior ask yourself what role do you play? What can you do better, how can you be better, and what is your level of communication with all those “involved”. Don’t be ashamed Ask for help, take it from me you cannot do it alone. 💁🏾 #eachoneteachone #raisingkings #singlemom #pta #school #behavior #kids #boys #homework
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