Get your rest!

Currently: up at 6am, out the door at 7am, drop kids off at 7:20am off to work for 8am, out at 3:30, pick kids up for 4, light grocery shopping, home, feed kids snack, cook, help with homework, prepare bath, prepare clothes for tomorrow, put my lunch away, sit down, only for 15 min IF THAT, because if you sit longer your body will relax and you won’t want to do squat. write blog content, IG, twitter content in between. Attempt to call or respond to your friends text messages, pray, in between, not to mention (regular mom and boys chatter in between)……..and the list goes on… I shared this because a sistah is TIRED. I will not cook today, the kids will have left overs for dinner, and I will possibly make myself a sandwich, then and hit the sack at 9pm. It happens, it’s ok. MOTHERS, PLEASE REST WHEN YOUR BODY IS TIRED. #exhausted #motherhood #singlemom #igetsitdonestill #hopeididnfforgetanything.




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