Shopping with 2 kids

I just got back from shopping with my boys. Shopping with the both of them is one major task to say the least. I’ve mastered shutting things down. Well, 80% of the time. I have to carefully and mentally prepare myself to go out there. But not only that, I have to prepare them as well. I make sure they see me make a list of the things I have to buy. I also let them know how many stores we will be going to. Unbeknownst to them, if they are on good behavior, during the 2nd or 3rd store, I say to them. You guys have been good, so I’ll pick up your favorite snack when I go to the supermarket. They jump for joy, and attempt to stick to the good behavior because they just got a heads up for a reward. Is it like this all of the time, HECK NO! But I’ve learned to tell them, “listen one thing at a time, and hey, mom isNOT multitasking right now.” #shopping #kids #momlife #discipline 


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