Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017

Every New Year’s Eve, for the past 4 years, I bring it in church with my boys. Every year I would go crazy looking for a new outfit and go out of my way to just kind of be, well in my head extravagant of sorts, to again, in my head set the tone for the year. This New Year, I am bringing it in accepting me, all of my flaws, all that I have and being comfortable with myself. Not “trying” to be or act as though I am someone else. I know I know,You’re probably like, Jasz you do all of that, yea kind of sort of. I am an overthinker when I’m not telling myself to stop. Here is a little of what 2016 has been like for me. You know the highs, and the OMG I didn’t know if I would be able to get out of this situation type of low. ✨✨✨✨last year spring time, I almost fell into a deep depression. I almost stayed in a place where I was unhappy. I almost allowed it to take my life in a way of complete and utter misery. Then one day In in September, during my 30 day fast, I woke up, I stopped myself. Or rather, i paid Attention to God. I realized that if I didn’t make a change, it would not be good for me at ALL. And if I’m not good, my boys WOULD NOT BE GOOD. And that was not OK. I made a choice I make a vow to God upon him giving me the gift of being their mother, that I would DO MY BEST. I would do my best in raising them the best way I could, I will do my best in telling them about Jesus, I would do my best in setting a tone of positivity, growth affirmations, BELIEF. I would teach them about the negatives, and negative people and just sort of being aware. I now see a therapist, she is dope by the way, I have two life coaches, I moved back to my beloved NYC , and I’m looking forward to an amazing year filled with positive people ONLY, people that help you grow, that challenge you, not use you for their own benefits, or bring you down with their own mess. I made a decision to think about me, do for me to set the tone for my kids and help others like myself to achieve and do more. I chose to leave 2016 behind, people I allowed beyond their expiration date behind ❌I chose to accept people’s seasons and not force friendships, I am choosing to go with the flow and just be the best I can be with God first… so cheers to #2017, I’m Ready, and I’m coming for what’s MINE. #positivity #parenting #singlemom #growth #pateince #letgo #godfirst


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