Earlier I shared why I say no, but here is why I say YES. I could go some yards about how it all started, you know being a Mum to some little humans. But I’ll just start here. I chose to say yes, to sleepless nights, vomit on my blouse right after getting dressed. Yes to a repeat of the same movie, yes to your cries, yes to a plethora of diaper changes and potty training. Yes to not buying myself something but you first. Yes to you eating first then me. Yes to realizing 7 and half years later that I’ve mastered finishing my food in under 10 min because I’m so use to you getting all of my time. Yes to staring at you when you sleep or all of the time. yes to seeing my goofy attitude now replicated, yes to wanting to share parts of our lives with strangers who have little to no knowledge as to how one can overcome or master a situation I may have surpassed. Yes to waking up to you in my bed, yes to my turn up Friday nights are coins and chuckie cheese songs. Yes to loving you unconditionally, yes to reprimanding you when you are wrong or right. Lol yes I did just say that. Yes to wanting to take your flu so that you don’t have to suffer. Yes to wanting to scold the child that bullied you or pushed you down the slide in a not so nice way. And most importantly. Yes to choosing to take care of you, make sacrifices, cry myself to sleep, and being your sole provider besides God of course. Yes to showing up everyday and loving you because I do. Yes. #yes #mommasboy #boymom #momlife #singlemom #lifequotes #howisinglemomit


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