I keep seeing this message. I even felt in my spirit. I feel like I’m going through this because something BIG is about to happen. Even sharing this right now, the enemy isn’t pleased with it. But guess what, it’s not about your insecurities, your jealousy, nor your want to not have more souls be brought to the kingdom. You see, I’m a regular girl, with dreams, with vision, with insecurities, and fear. But I don’t choose to live IN them like I did in the past. I choose to embrace the pain, cry if I have to, and even share it with a close friend or two. Half of them including family, don’t know the full extent of how my day was, or if I cried, laughed, or prayed for someone. Either way, I still SHOW UP IN THAT PIECE. I asked Myself why, I asked God why. I even thought of how repetitive this pattern was and the fight I had to put up for it. And all I Got, all I read, and what I SAW, was, IF YOU EVEN KNEW HOW BIG OF A BLESSING WAS THAT WAS WAITING FOR YOU AROUND THE CORNER, you would be praise dancing right now. You see, this isn’t about MONEY, this isn’t about the THINGS I WANT, ITS ABOUT OVERCOMING! ITS ABOUT KNOWING WHAT IS, and WHAT AINT! God I WANT TO YELL THIS OUT!!! You may be crying about it now, but God is saying get READY. It may hurt right now, but God is saying BE PATIENT. You may not UNDERSTAND IT RIGHT NOW, but OHHHHH JESUS!!!! God says TRUST ME!!!!!! you HAVE GOT TO HOLD ON!!!!! #hope #staystrong #steadfast #peace #love #patience #singlmom #momlife


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