No Judgment Zone

I named this post “No Judgment Zone” for a reason. There are some christians that read what I share. Some may not agree with what I may say or do. And that is ok. Everyone is on their own level with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

There are some things I learn after the fact, and I then understand why a friend may have shared a word with me at that moment.  -I get that, now. One thing I’ve learned in life is, you cannot force something on someone. It has to just happen. Some may accelerate their path with Christ because of what they have given up along the way. They’ve completely surrendered everything to God. Now I am not saying that I won’t or haven’t. We live in a world where we have to constantly battle with wanting to do it Gods way, and wanting to do it our way. So when you surrender, there is not only and in between, but there isn’t indecivesness with the father up for grabs. I’m not even going to blame the world. Like some of us do. Because everyone has their own world (in their mind) in my opinion. 
I started off this post with the thoughts of sitting up on my bed at 1:20a.m with my youngest sleeping on my lap. He’s under the weather. I’ve given him meds, and home remedies. It eased him for a bit, but then I felt the urge to read the word. Proverbs 11 to be exact. When I initially fell asleep around 10:45 p.m ish, I was too tired to read a chapter before bed. I said a short prayer, but was too tired to ‘give’ more.  So now I’m up and I felt the urge (Holy Spirit) tell me to read. So as I’m reading I’m also believing God for healing, for my youngest. It doesn’t matter if it’s the common cold, my son has been coughing non stop. He needs his rest, and so do I. (Up at 5:45a.m.)

Right after I finished praying, he began to throw up mucus. He’s 5. So you know that younger kids aren’t aware of ridding the mucus when they cough to keep them from the non stop coughing. He threw up mucus about 10 – 15 times. Then this message came to mind. “I want to be so enveloped in God I won’t be hesitant in my next move.” 

This could be misinterpreted to those with the un-decerned spirIt. How am I up, going through this with my youngest but getting these (thoughts) messages? 

I am currently taking it as Gods way of not only wanting me to spend time with him, but to share this it with the world. 

What does that message mean you may ask? Here is how I am interpreting it. Being so emerged in God, gives you a divine, sublime connection. He guides you. He creates an agent in you to help others. I mean, isn’t this what this is all about? To save souls? I can go on and on about this. So I’ll make this a Part 1….

Goodnight beautiful people. #thoughts #godsplan #surrender #singlemom #howisinglemomit


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