In life, when you are aware of your surroundings, you must fight through. Fight through what goes on in this world and create your own amongst what you are use to, expose to, and what you see. You have to fight with FAITH, HAPPINESS, and LOVE, and most of all PATIENCE. 

The world as you know it, was taught. You came into this world from another human being different from you, who taught you what they know. As you you get older, you conform to how you like things and what you know. Some of them good, some of them bad. Some of them to other people. Either way, you have to fight through. And You have to fight through controlling emotions. Emotions that I find are hard to sustain at times. 

For example, you want something, but it’s beyond your control to get that thing. You now have to LIVE with what you have and find and fight another way around that feeling of not having, AT THAT MOMENT. 

Relationships. You are one way, the other person is the opposite. That person does things totally off the grid with the way you do things, but because you love that individual, you FIGHT. You fight to love, teach, keep and live with that individual.

If you have not noticed yet, what I am getting at is this. LIFE IS A FIGHT! A fight for what we believe in, a fight for what we want and how we want to live life. It’s a complete fight. Some days, you’ll win some, some days you’ll lose some. But The blessing, the blessing is being blessed to see another day, and start over again.

And Fought to write with control emotions, and give you a bit of insight with what goes on in my mind.


#life #fight #love #howisinglemomit

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