A prayer for you

Father God in the name of Jesus, to whomever is reading this right now father God, I ask that the Holyspirit leads me in the name of Jesus, I pray that this prayer touches the person reading this right now. I pray that you start to speak LIFE into the dry areas of your life. I pray for your mind, for peace, and understanding. I pray for wisdom in ways you never thought possible. I pray that when you think about the shoulda coulda would have beens, you realize that this is what was written and to have faith in where God in where he is about to take you. I know that you didn’t want this for your life. I know you often wonder if you will ever marry again, or even date. Yes there is a man out there for you, but you have to stay true, true to you. Love you, encourage you, lift you, know you. All of these things have to be sought after. You must heal, forgive, surrender and know that God has your best interest at heart. I pray that you do not settle for less, because you think that, that is what is best at the time. I pray for an open line of communication for you and their father. I pray that you do not fight physically, but that you fight spiritually. I pray that you go to God first rather than with your emotions. I pray that you allow yourself to bed led, and learn to trust yourself more. I understand you didn’t think you would be raising him or her or them alone. But this is life, make the best of it, love it , live it, embrace it. It’s a gift, God given and to you. I pray that your spiritual relationship with God is better than before, I pray you don’t go back, and that you BELIEVE GOD FOR WHO HE IS.
In jesus name, amen. #prayer #pray #faith #surrender #howisinglemomit


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