Do you LOVE yourself?

Love is something that I need and want daily. Who doesn’t? But the thought of not practicing it on myself came to mind today. It came to me in such an urgent feeling, I had to say to myself, Jasmine, we have to make a change!

I realized that I love myself, but not as much as I think I should, or deserve. 

How so? Well, I’ve gone through my mental roladex of past hurt, from relationships, to health and body, to how I am not quite sure what it is i seek in a man today or even solid career. Yes, all in that order. Don’t judge me. 

Self love, is very important. It is needed. Having it in every area of your life is refreshing. I came to conclusion, if I’ve gone back to people in the past, who have hurt me badly, or even want to patch some of these relationships back up. I had to ask my motive. Why, because if you step on a nail, you start to bleed, and go back and step on the same nail, that would say a lot about yourself. 

Like my uncle would say. “You’re glutton for punishment”. And you know what, he is right.

If I loved myself, I wouldn’t settle for some people in my life. A women who loves herself would accept the end of the season with that individual and move on. Not me, I keep / kept going back to some people. It’s rather annoying actually. 

If I loved myself, I wouldn’t beat up myself so much if I make an honest error. We alll make mistakes. I am the type that if I do something I say to myself “dang jasz, did you really just do that” “you know what’s going to happen now right?” I mean you know how some of these conversations can go. 

If I loved myself, the way that I should, Friendships I’ve had in the past would not have lasted as long  they did. if I had created a respectful boundary and stood up for myself. There are some people I use to be friends with and really asked myself why did I befriend them? And there I go again, chastising myself. 

Here is another; If I loved myself, I wouldn’t be overweight. I would drink lots of water, and take care of my temple the way I should.

If I loved myself the way that I should, I would know what true love is, and not compromise it to be with a man who displayed the potential of it, rather than fall for his reality. 

If I loved myself the way that I should, but I don’t. So now, I am on the road to SELF LOVE. Here is what I did. 

I went on google and found this article.

This article shares a lot of valid points. It makes you go hmmm. I am going to take the necessary steps to finding a Christian counselor, investing in my mind body and temple, and feed myself  more true love. 

I know that in doing so, I will not only teach my children that, but I will also attract more of these types of people into my life. I mean the circle that I have now is pretty tight. They are pretty amazing people. But I cannot always rely on others for that love. I have to LOVE myself. 

Today I encourage you to ask yourself some of these questions. If you are having some similar issues like myself. I highly recommend you take the necessary steps in doing so. Find your own routine, what works for you, and be on the road to SELF LOVE. It’s needed. 

Written with love,

#love #selflove #joy


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