My name is Jasmine, I am a mother of two. I am raising my precious boys single handedly by the grace of God. You see this photo, This is what we do. We smile together, laugh together, dance together, sing together, pray together, and eat together. I mean when you see them, you see me. Everything we do, we do it together. I love the relationship that I have with my boys. We talk about everything, even when I don’t feel like it because I’ve had a long day or I am just stressed. Am I perfect? No. show me a parent that is. What I do with them today is to the best of my ability. And I pray that one day they will understand that. I created this page, and my website and other social media platforms because there are mother’s out there just like me, experiencing the same joys and pain as I am presently. What’s the sense of having something within you that can be shared with others and you do nothing with it. That’s selfish if you ask me. My issues start from, having a rough day and not wanting to adult or parent today, but I do it. Or if their father helps or doesn’t help, I still get it done. It’s also about acknowledging your errors, your weaknesses and working on them. It’s also about not saying what the other is not doing, praising him for what he is doing, and still doing what you are doing presently and not crying about it. If God gave you a glimpse of the future to see how by your actions today your children end up successful in all areas of their lives, would you give up? Probably not. So how about you create that vision. How about you know for a fact that the decisions you create RIGHT NOW, will impact your children in a GREAT and MIGHTY AND GO DO IT!! Who or what is your motivation? Whatever it is, GO AFTER IT! CRUSH IT, GET IT DONE. And if you end up on one knee with tear full eyes, you LET THAT SUCKA OUT AND YOU KEEP IT PUSHING‼️ #singlemom #motherhood #thursdaymotivation 


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