Things aren’t peachy. Things aren’t perfect. But, one thing is for sure. I want to take my pillow and scream into it right now! Better yet, I want to get a punching bag and go a few rounds. As a matter of fact  (I am going to look on Amazon to price a few). 

My boys are in public school. One is In The 2nd grade, the other in kindergarten. While my youngest is ONLY in kindeegarten, his behavior is extraordinary. Everyday, my youngest comes home from school with a sad face written by his teacher on what he did that was not appropriate. I gave her the heads up in the beginning to let her know what to expect. He is a loving child, but is always on the go. Honestly, this isn’t a mother making an excuse for her son, but I truly believe he cannot help himself. Then we have my 2nd grader. He is doing great, but has his weaknesses. He forgets his homework, OFTEN! Now today, these reports came to me . Just as I realized that CT was avoiding doing his homework, and SJ, was avoiding brining me his book, I knew something was up.

I didn’t even yell, once I received the news. For what? I just sat there and stared at them both. (Poker face) they can’t read me when I do that. I felt Defeat, frustration, and angry thoughts on their dad flared up and it messed up whole my mood. I attempt to tell myself often, you cannot make someone do anything they don’t want to do, AND, “wow he doesn’t have to deal with any of this”. When those / that thought came to mind, I almost did. But I didn’t. I just had to talk to God. God, I am doing my best, what do I with these kids? I’ve tried everything. Rather than stress myself out, please helps me, give me clarity….

If any of you have any thoughts, please share! 😊

#singlemom #advice #education #perserverance #howisinglemomit


2 thoughts on “Hurdles….

  1. Very. Green says:

    First of commenced yourself for talking to God. Now what you are going through is not the easiest to handle. Raising both of my boys, I’ve learned different approach. With CJ, you can help him enjoy hisome homework by finding fun ways to do it and when it’s completed, personally place it in his book bag. With SJ, no offense to the teacher but from my experience not only with my oldest son and one of myour godson is, due to giving the teacher a heads up….they are always going to look for the bad. Have a sit down with the teacher. If you see no changes after then it’s time to have him put in anorthern class.


    • Thank you for your kind words, and encouragement. I am going to have to email the teacher to help him from forgetting it at school.

      That’s exactly what I am going to do. Set up a one on one with her. 🙏🏾


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