My Prayer Room 

When I first moved into my new place I had no furniture whatsoever, but airbeds for the kids, because I refused to allow them to sleep on the floor. I learned through time that children are resilient. So I stopped kicking myself about that. As for myself, I slept on the floor for months until I was able to purchase a bed. 

Well one day, I’m in the living on the floor folding laundry, feeling sad, one because I was on the floor in a beautiful apartment with no furniture, and two, because I missed my family and friends in New York tremendously. I was overwhelmed, I felt defeated, and even questioned my move.  Then I remember that there was a movie I never got to see in the theaters several months prior. And that day was a good time to watch it. I find the movie, plug it up to my tv and watched.

During the movie, I cried, I thanked God, cried some more, took some notes, wrote in my journal, and there birthed the idea of my own prayer room. My faith, at that moment was restored. If you are reading this, and if you feel like your faith is being wavered, watch this movie. Or prayer and ask God what to do. Sometimes, “pray about it”, or “trust in God”, is not something you want to hear when you are feeling broken. You see, church was helping me, but not as much, I would pray to God, but I didn’t feel moved, and because I didn’t feel moved, my drive for God started to just be somber. But,  God knows us more than we know ourselves. He knows how to get to us. He knows how to get a message to us. And at that moment, I realized why I hadn’t watched that movie when it came out in the theatre. At the time, I would not have received the message the way I should have, because It just wasn’t my time yet. 

So, now I watched the movie, I am feeling great, I then go in my walk in closet, push the clothes to one side, and began to write my prayers down. These were conversations that I was having with God.  I’d write them in my book, tear the page out, and stick them on the wall. That room, became my salvation. I would cry in that closet, talk to God in that closet, even looked up the leading actress in the movie on YouTube to find out she is a Minister / Pastor, and listened to her preach on some amazing topics. God was showing me that no matter what, he was there and this is what I needed. 

Anytime I wanted to talk to God, cry to God, vent to God, I went in that closet. Now I am not saying go inside your closet to pray. I am sharing with you what worked for me. For some of you, it may be your car, your bathroom, your bedroom, your balcony. Whatever that place is, find your solitude and develop that relationship with God. He needs to hear from you. It’s imperative that he does. Some of you reading this, may or may not be believers. But this world, the ocean, the mountains, the sky, the sun, all of these things that could not have been man made was made from something higher than us. And you gotta  Believe that. God wants to hear from you….it doesn’t matter if you’re having a great day, God wants to hear about it, if your having a not so good day, God wants to hear about it. God just wants that relationship with you. He wants to pour into you, he wants to take your burdens away. He wants to give you clarity. Give them to him…and he will make a way. 

In your war room. 

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